Monday, July 16, 2007

It's (K)not Wood

Tree Bed

Wood Cooler Ghetto Blaster

Wood Grain Tape

Rock Paper Scissors tea towels

wood grain pillow from target

Well it's time to get BLOGADELIC on you....All of these amazing finds come from one fab blog called It's (K)not Wood. It's the kind of blog where you will spend hours perusing the previous posts and I purposely left out all links so you would cuz it's month after month of amazing finds and NOTHING is just looks woodish. (ok did i just say woodish? : ) love that.

1 comment:

hodge podge said...

i am in love with that bed... it would be so perfect in my fantasy bedroom where the ceiling is made of glass (or plexiglass maybe, so it can't break) like you're sleeping OUTSIDE, but without the bugs!