Monday, July 09, 2007

Lorac Publicity Stunt Mascara, ProtecTint & Wet/Dry Powder

Well it's been a while since I have blogged any super "girly"'s not because I don't dig girly things, it's just I really don't have beauty time to put into investigating new, fun & frivolous products....Oh but you see I spent 2 days with my pal, sister & true love Rachel (the one that has the best taste in the universe) and we got sucked into Sephora like we always do which always leads me to get whatever Rachel tells me to get and she is never wrong EVER . So on Rachel's never fail recommendations I got myself some Publicity Stunt Mascara (they aren't kidding) this is an amazing mascara but it's also pretty stays on for days and honestly it never comes off it just kinda just goes away for example; crying, swimming, rubbing your face, sleeping, slathering eye make-up remover over your lashes...go ahead make this mascara's day cuz IT STILL WON'T COME OFF! (and i know it's sick but i dig it) The next and most necessary summer purchase was the ProtecTint Tinted Moisturizer with 30 a moisturizer it goes on light as a feather and the tint is very slight - that coupled with 30 protection is a recipe for summer make-up happiness since I am always walking everywhere exposing my face to Brooklyn's dirty & disgusting air and blazing hot summer rays. Last but not least the Wet/Dry Powder...well it's hard to find a compact powder that actually works and that's all there is to's a great compact powder.

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