Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rainbow Ribbon Jello by Rachel Perlow

Jello has not really been a huge part of my adult life (no i never got into jello shots either). BUT it's never too late to get into Jello I just needed the right inspiration (and it's pretty easy to get vegan jell-o nowadays) I think I finally have it in this super calla fragalistic psychedelic rainbow Jello recipe...I guess it was originally an actual Jell-O recipe (as in the corporation) and this amazing Rachel tweaked the recipe and made it even radder & I think yummier...I think all of my 3 year old pals might really dig this and although many adults are terrified of Jell-O I think it's gonna be a hit...I am sure of it. Click here for the Recipe
Via Tastespotting


annulla said...

Oh, Rachel, would you really put something that looks like that in your mouth?!?

I think that stuff had the starring role in "The Blob."

hodge podge said...

ooooohhh, this is so dreamy! while it's true that it doesn't look like food, if it were in the same room i would definitely want to try it. but mostly i just want to GAZE at it!!!

gilda said...

oh wowww..... that looks extremely yum!

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