Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bob Dylan & The Band "The Basement Tapes"

So we moved about a month ago and it's been a little insane in our little universe...sprained ankles, dead ducks, bad plumbing, bad electrical, lack of sleep, boxes and boxes and the grand finale...finian crashing the moving truck into our our Scion, OUCH....and it seems untrue but honestly I left so much out of the story SO MUCH. So we moved into our new pad on the 10th and first things first..you gotta unpack the record player and we only had a few records that we kept unpacked for the Brooklyn - Somerville move and they were waiting to be removed from a stinky old milk crate...and like I said it was a priority to let the neighbors know we like to rawk (as dTown would say) anywhoo here we are with the first record I pulled out and it really worked out for me cuz I for sure have listened to "The Basement Tapes" about 15 times in the last week and thankfully when I was feeling overwhelmed, pissed off and lonely...The Band came through for me...not to say that I didn't have 49 or so other records to choose from (the entire Neil catalog was kept out, 3 Fela box sets + our upsetters box) it's just the between Bob & The Band they seemed to have the perfect combination of pissed off, care free happiness with some sarcasm thrown in that got me to that homey visceral comfort zone that was desperately needed....and so I can really win you over I will be sure to post some before and after pix of our new pad & maybe tell you a bit about Somerville, our new home. Now back to the music... if you don't have this record...and I am sure most of you do...you oughtta get it and patch that hole in your musical bucket.

Oh how we prefer vinyl for all of our listening pleasure but if you prefer digital here you go

for some serious reading check out the The Basement Tapes Wiki style


finn said...

it wasn't THAT bad!!!

luv u


Anonymous said...

good job guys i am soo proud of you
its hard to move the tele from one
side of the room to another without
a fight breaking out so thats rad
love you guys even though your not
cool broklynites anymore!!
Leigh and Ben

Anonymous said...

ps cant spell
how do you say
broooooooklyn duh

blahdiblogger said...

Welcome to Somerville! We just moved here ourselves at the beginning of Sept, though only from a mile and a half away. Clicked through to your blog while searching for Somerville moms groups and parenting resources.

sufferwords said...

your finally back phew...now I can reset my culture meter