Friday, January 04, 2008

Somerville, Cambridge, fire & hotel

The civil war time second empire mansard (yeah it's slate)

The nicotine oozing out of the walls during the wallpaper stripping

BEFORE the work

nicotine staining found under the wallpaper

AFTER we moved in (before the fire)

the wall that smoldered for 15 hours

Listen moving is tough, especially when the move is further East, further cold & further away. Away from what, you ask? Away from my pals, my creature comforts, my hopes and dreams you know that kind of stuff...the stuff that's so abstract or insignificant that it is almost impossible to convey in writing. I would start by saying that I had planned on moving back to Los Angeles--or somewheres around those parts--mostly so I could dip my toes back in to the "easy life", a life with old friends. Groundhog day didn't seem like such a bad lot in life after living in NYC for 5 years. Not to knock the big apple; it's an awesome town full of all sorts of folks we love...I just had enough of broken up sidewalks, dirty subways, cranky bus drivers (all perils to mamas), crack dealers, that kinda thing. I was ready for that California life again 'cuz as they say "you don't miss your water until your well's run dry." Plus all those kids I wanna adore like Tristan Moon, Jacob, Lucy & Gustavo are in those parts.

So here we are it's November 27th and all sorts of fucked-up shit has happened that most of you wouldn't believe but here goes. Y'all know we got the ancient Mansard house in Somerville but didja know it caught fire early in the morning on October 5th? OH YEAH: first Lala came in and woke me up around 5ish and then Addie came in at 6ish and said "mama the house smells like cigarettes." So after a minute I got up and took a suspicious look around, as a plumber had been melting lead the day before, only to find smoke billowing out of the walls...turns out if Addie hadn't woken me up we would have been goners...we had about 5 - 10 more minutes before POOF the whole house was gonna go up with us asleep and trapped. Thanks to the most wonderful Somerville Fire Departments our new pad and all of our precious stuff (art from pals, records, pix, fabric etc) is intact but as we did have lots of damage the house has been in "repair mode" for the past 3 months. You say "where are they living then?" In a hotel, that's where, awaiting the return to our house and new city that I really only lived in for 3 weeks....

Here is the kicker to the story...I believe as does Finian that our house was/is haunted. I mean, what else could explain the bolted door unlocking and opening, the freezing cold breeze blowing through the house on a balmy warm day, the strange radio turning itself on, and all the crazy strange smells that came and went out of nowhere? Oh yeah we know: burn sage, ask them to go to the light...we did all that and the sage caught on fire, even when a professional lit it! We actually had a "tracker" clear the house and it was a little grimmer than we had originally see we thought all the spookiness was coming from the previous owner (he died tragically in the house) but it was more than the previous owner: we had a real scary spook in the house (from many years before), the terrified and angry previous owner & a portal to the other side (something I actually experienced myself). So you might say moving has been anything but's been SUPER NATURAL. All in all this is a pretty nice place to live, the folks in these parts are nice and it's real kid-friendly and of course I will be posting on my finds and favorites. SO here I have done it I BLOGGED after 6 months--PHEW! I feel much better and I apologize for my's been brutal, lonely and a little freaky here in Cambridge but maybe y'all will come and visit! xoxoox amylou


kaitlyn said...

NO! I've been wondering what's up with you... this is just tragedy upon tragedy. I sincerely hope that you can make peace with your resident once you move back in. And i hope that other things have/will fall into place soon!

hodge podge said...

oh my love, we all love you so much and miss you terribly. can't wait til these things are all in the past and you can move forward and share all your discoveries with us!

pdb said...

she's back! i'm so psyched to get my read on. you guys are the toughest and my heros and i love you and i'll see you soon.


Viviene said...

Hey Amy Lou- I cannot frigging believe everything you have been through!
Are y'all going to move back into the haunted house? When will you be able to leave the hotel? Ah me- my thoughts go out to y'all.
Since you are blogging again, I will link you- love catching up with you- sending hugs your way & hope the worst is now all past you for a fresh start in 08.
I just got back from nearly 3 wks. in NO & the Panhandle and am getting back into the blog as well.
Would love to hear/know more about what Finn is studying. Sanskrit? Wow. I saw the new Coppola flick that got panned but I liked it- it was so strange- and it deals with Sanskrit and ancient languages and tracing their origin- very trippy story.
Anyway, hugs to Abby & the dogs.
vivlish/ the tarnished lady

warm jet said...

Portal still there?
Glad yer O.K.!
Really sounds like ya got a good thing happinin'!
ie; family and happiness.
Good thing ya got away from my sorry arse.
Let's speak by mail.
Oh and a Pete Weiss blog? cool.
Also I started an Acetone blog called "Bugnoise" linked from my page.
Something for all the archival crap in my drawers!
The Tag thing scares me.
for now.


I know the whole Tag thing is terrifying (scarier than ghosts n portals) You rule...but you know that ,right? huh?

sufferwords said...


Thanks for being alive, i would love to tag and play all those fun games that people play, but I don't want to be self revelatory on my deal, tis funny I try to be anonymous, then my pals link me by name, kinda cute right? Oh well I am swell and even sweller knowing that you are swell.